1. In your CatalogAce dashboard, click the button 'Create new catalog'.


2. Give a name to your catalog and then add the products that you want to include, then click 'Save & Continue'.

3. Once your products are saved, you will be asked to pick a template (Grid Layout and Template). Once you have chosen the perfect template, click 'Save & Continue'.

4. Now, fill in the General Options form. And again, click 'Save & Continue'.

5. After filling in the general options form, you will be redirected to the Catalog Editor. Here, you can edit the Cover Template, Text, Shape, Images, Colors, and Styling. You can also add or delete a page. Once you are satisfied, you can either save this as a draft, click 'Next' to move forward, or cancel.

6. You are now ready to export and share your catalog! Click 'Continue'.

7. You will be rerouted back to your dashboard where you will find the catalog that you created. From here, you'd be able to:

Download the PDF

View the catalog

Edit/Delete the catalog


Congratulations, you're all done creating your first catalog!!!



Are there available templates for me to choose from?

Can I still make edits after completing the creation of my catalog?